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Dinosaur chess sets.

From the Age of the Dinosaurs we have developed this 32 piece chess set.

Re-enact your strategic game plan with the ferocity of the meat eating King Tyrannosaur and Steadfast Rook of the herbivore Triceratops and show how gigantic beasts can end in there own destruction that can be played out on this accurately hand modelled, and cast in polystone resin chess set.

The Pieces are hand painted and finished with a protective felt base.
King Diplophosaurus stands at 4” tall, bases 1.5” square

Base colour Natural York Stone
King - Tyrannosaurus
Queen - Pachycephalosaurus
Bishop - Parasaurolophus
Knight - Lambeosaurus
Rook - Triceratops
Pawn - Maiasaura

Base Colour Gold and Black
King - Diplophosaurus
Queen - Pachycephalosaurus
Bishop - Parasaurolophus
Knight - Corythosaurus
Rook - Styracosaurus
Pawn - Maiasaura

Chess Set only (not including board) £118.00 + p&p
UK only at this time - (not including board)
Non UK Customer Contact us for Prices Click Here