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Chicken chess sets.

Cheeky Chicken Chess has been hand modelled and cast in poly stone resin. The feathers have been beautifully and accurately hand painted. All are seated on their own Hen Coop.

Each piece is selected from rare breeds and unusual fowl from around the world. From research these chickens tend to be kept as family pets, and not for the table.

Be prepared for playing this game can cause quite a flap! Do not allow your opponent to hen peck you.

King stands aprox. 3.5” tall.
Base aprox. 1.25” square.

Stone Coloured Base
King - Golden Campine Large Fowl
Queen - Motted Houdan Bantam
Bishop - New Hampshire Bantam
Knight - Golden Sebright Bantam
Rook - Partridge Wyandotte Bantam
Pawn - Dominique Large Fowl

chicken chess sets

Chess Set only (not including the board) £118.00 + p&p
UK only at this time - (not including board)
Non UK Customer Contact us for Prices Click Here