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Cats vs dogs chess sets.

Cats and Dogs have a long history in teasing and tormenting one another.
Your strategic plan will decide which side will win.
Each piece has been selected by its nature and character, from the playful Persian kitten against the lively West Highland pawn to the Nobel British Blue that fights against the powerful German Shepherd King.

Accurately modelled and cast in resin then beautifully hand painted. Finished off with a protective felt base.
German Shepard King stands 3.25” tall Round base aprox 1.25”

King - British Blue
Queen - Havan Brown
Bishop - Blotched Tabby
Knight - Tortie Smoke Devon Rex
Rook - Exotic Shorthair
Pawn -Kitten Longhair Persian

King - German Shepherd
Queen - Labrador
Bishop - Dalmatian
Knight - Old English Sheepdog
Rook - Bulldog
Pawn - West Highland Terrie

cats and dogs chess set

Chess Set only (not including board) £118.00 + p&p
UK only at this time - (not including board)
Non UK Customer Contact us for Prices Click Here